Meet Susan

Susan Bagyura is the author of the Amazon best-seller The Visionary Leader: How to inspire success from the top down. With 30 years of sales, marketing and entrepreneurial experience, she represents a viewpoint that covers several perspectives: a highly successful career in corporate America, along with having lived on 4 continents and worked with business owners and executives in 25 countries.

Susan teaches leaders how to inspire their teams, develop the business success mindset and strategies to create the outcomes they desire. She helps small business owners to create sustainable businesses. Businesses experience major increases by tapping into her sales and marketing knowledge, both online and offline. Sales professionals learn the most effective and up to date skills for attracting new clients and earning referrals from their existing base. She’s a specialist at turning unhappy clients into loyal customers.

She’s highly intuitive and believes the energy we create in sets the foundation for the outcomes. Susan shows others how to develop their intuition and take inspired actions. This takes the ‘busyness’ and heaviness out of doing business. By combining great leadership skills with visionary leadership qualities, and simple relationship tips, people can ignite new life into their businesses and profits.

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