How Would You Like To Spend 3 Profitable Days In Paradise With Us While We Show You How To Skyrocket Your Sales?

Susan Bagyura

Amazon Best-Selling Author, Coach & Trainer

Patrick Kowalewski

Sales Trainer & Business Coach

What if you could spend 3 days with us increasing your skills and knowledge so you can dramatically grow your sales revenue and income?

We will give you the tools to

  • Establish rich, beneficial relationships with prospects and customers
  • Present your products in a more engaging way and
  • Help you make more sales.

And this is just for starters.

If you are determined to experience a dramatic breakthrough – skyrocket your sales – over the next 6 to 12 months; then keep reading.
Because we would like to invite you to an exclusive opportunity to work with us in a beautiful setting right on the beach in Naples, Florida from July 25th through July 27th.
The plan is to spend time together in a beautiful, restful, relaxing place while getting in some serious learning and strategizing to take your sales to much higher levels.
Is this what you’ve been waiting for? Dreaming about? Taking your career… your business to another level, then this could be just what you have been looking for!

JULY 25TH – 27TH

Here’s what’s happening:

For 3 full days, you’ll be joining us in the Naples Beach Hotel.

During these 3 days, we’ll teach you a 9-step process that you can use to develop your plan to capitalize on Naples_Beach_Hotel3the balance of 2016 and start off 2017 with a bang. We will show you how to adapt this process to your business.
Plus there will be plenty of group time where we will ‘test’ ideas so you will have a comfort level with everything you learn and the confidence to go back and implement on your own.
Our intention for this Intensive is to create the environment of relaxation, fun, creativity and growth.
If this sounds good, then let me also explain why this will be incredibly profitable for you.

How Big Do You Want Your Business To Be AND

How Fast Do You Want To Get There?

Before deciding if this is the right place for you, let’s look at where you are now

Does any of this describe you?

  • You’ve built a successful business or exceeded your sales goals, but you’ve hit a ceiling that’s stopping you from growing to the next level.
  • You’re selling and incredibly busy, but feel like you’re making mistakes, dropping a lot of balls and unfulfilled?

  • You feel like you’re in constant chaos, tired, stressed out and unfocused as you struggle to increase your sales?
  • Each day you feel like you’re constantly having to push yourself to work harder and harder just to stay ahead of the competition and you’re not sure how long things can continue this way
  • Maybe you feel like there’s got to be an easier or better way and what you’ve been taught just doesn’t seem to fit today’s business environment.

If this sounds true for you, then pack your bag, save the date and plan on being in Naples, Florida to learn expert strategies for sales success.

You Don’t Have To Struggle…

Get personal guidance from highly qualified sales coaches and trainers who have overcome these same problems and are out there selling and growing their businesses each day. This is NOT theory…it’s practical how-to that is up to date and works.

You are going to come away from this event with a clear, strategic plan without your limiting beliefs or mental blocks that have been holding you back from all the achievements you know you deserve.

Finding Success Will Never Have To Be Hard Again

The best way to skyrocket your success is to learn from successful people — maverick business people – and soak up their success traits. In this sales intensive, you get to find out what we do differently from others so you can incorporate these traits into your selling strategy.

Here’s What To Expect When You Get Here

  • When you land at the Fort Myers Airport (RSW) on July 24th, there’s easy access to the hotel either by taxi or renting a car.
  • When you arrive at the hotel, you’ll have a chance to freshen up, get comfortable and meet the other attendees for a drink in the evening.
  • The hotel is guaranteeing each person a special rate of $99 a night and you can extend your stay for a couple nights with the same rate.
  • During your stay you can make use of the hotel facilities, including the gym, pool, beach and restaurants.

As far as the Intensive itinerary goes, here’s what we have planned for you:

We are going to overview the law of sales, share the principles and discuss your role so you have a crystal, clear idea of the nucleus of your profession.

Then we will take you through the successful 9-step selling process and do a deep dive into each step so you will find going from start to finish (the close) to be a natural and logical conclusion.

Next we will discuss the 5 ultimate buyer motivations, show you how to position your products/services to each of these motivations, how to actually identify each buyer’s motivation and how to close the deal.

You will learn how to dive into your prospect/customer’s world so you can create a closer and a highly cooperative relationship. If you’ve ever felt like customers treat you as an outsider instead of a valued partner; then this session will expose why that happened and what you can do in the future.

Understanding your sales statistics are essential to skyrocketing your sales. You have to know where you are in order to track your progress. It’s been scientifically proven that whatever you track… grows. We will help you learn how to calculate your stats and we will analyze your current stats in the training.

We will have some fun showing and finding out your personality type and teach you how to discover your prospect/customer’s type. Once you know their type and adjust your approach to match their type, you will connect on a deeper level. There are companies that use this information so successfully and effectively that they don’t want anyone to know they are doing this.

You’ll learn a 4-step method to communicate the benefits of your products and services and do some role plays to practice the learning.

We are going to uncover top secrets to goal setting and even more importantly, goal achieving. Knowing this will completely change the way you approach a goal.

You’ll complete the 3 days with full clarity on your next action items so you’ll be ready to take maximum advantage implementing the new knowledge into your business.

You’re probably thinking… so what’s the cost? Sales training of this caliber is easily worth $2,000 a day – especially when you consider what it will make you. People that have done this training say that they didn’t pay enough when they saw the value they got in return.

But you aren’t going to pay that… It’s not even $2,000 for all 3 days. The price of this training is just $1,495. For those action-takers, there’s an even better deal because you can take advantage of the Early Bird Special. When you sign up by June 30th, you pay just $1,295.

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Just imagine…

 3 days at the Naples Beach Hotel in sunny Naples, Florida and

2 highly qualified sales trainers, coaches and business owners preparing YOU for

1 Brilliant Breakthrough

Are you ready?

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And as if this opportunity couldn’t get any better, we are also giving you a bonus for registering ensuring you have the absolute best chance of success from this event.


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Call 800-237-7600 now to reserve your room early. You can take advantage of the Naples Beach Hotel’s low $99 rate by coming up to 2 days early or staying up to 2 days after the event. The rate may be higher for Friday and Saturday night stays.

What Past Attendees Have to Say:

“Getting sales training from Patrick Kowalewski was the smartest thing I’ve done. I’m seeing a continuous increase in my results. People value my opinion and decisions. Working in sales is so much more satisfying. I continue to be #1 in the company for revenue.”
~Michael Speit, Account Manager
“Once I got this training from Patrick Kowalewski, I started advising prospects and customers very professionally in a needs-oriented way. My results were astounding in that I am able to create a deeper trust with my customers and this has greatly increased my sales.”
~Hassan Hodroj, Insurance Sales & Financial Consultant
“After training and coaching with Patrick Kowalewski, my sales growth continues to flourish. My sales team members are more content and motivated. Further, I’ve found a balance between my working and personal life.”
~Nora Turner, Managing Asst, Life Insurance & Finance
“Prior to working with Patrick, I had a lot of conflicts with co-workers and employees. Although I wasn’t in sales, I had salespeople working for me; so I wanted to improve my understanding of what their job entailed. This training and coaching helped me to change my views about people and their behaviors. The biggest change has come in the form of happy employees who are now more effective and productive.”
~Mareen Junge, Management Asst & Project Manager

P.S. Don’t forget an income tax deduction is allowed for education expenses (including registration fees, travel, meals and lodging) to maintain and improve your professional skills.