The Path to 9 Easy Steps to Skyrocket Your Sales

The results tell the story…

Is your company generating the revenues you want?

Do 20% of your sales force bringing in 80% of the business?

When you ask the other 80% why prospects didn’t buy, do you hear excuses?

Are they struggling to get more business?

These are important questions and the answers are very telling as they indicate what’s wrong or missing in your company’s sales process. Here are the top 2 responses we hear when we ask salespeople what their biggest challenges are:

  1. They want more customers but they don’t know how to get them.
  2. They don’t know what to say to new prospects in the beginning to gain attention and respect.

The beginning of the sale is as important as the end, which should culminate in a sale when executed properly. Having any fear or doubts about how to engage a prospect initially will stop a person from taking the most basic action in starting the sales cycle. It’s impossible to get to closing the sale if the process is never started.

If the salesperson says ‘the prospect didn’t buy because…’, they are indicating very strongly that they either don’t know an important part of the process or they are taking shortcuts. Both possibilities are costly to any company; however, ‘not knowing’ is very common and can be easily resolved with the right information.

If you want to change your company’s results, then keep reading…

The biggest gap everyone has in life is the gap between knowing what to do and actually doing it. These are the so-called shortcuts. They rarely work out and never to the highest possible outcome. This is a behavioral change that is best resolved by developing a plan and coaching the person/people on the execution of the plan. They know what to do in most cases, but they need to be held accountable to do what they say they will do while dealing with the fears that have been stopping them from performing earlier. A change in the mindset must occur.

Not knowing what to do requires education. Not just any education, but practical, up-to-date sales training. No one is a born salesperson; it’s a learned skill and should be continually updated. What sufficed 5 or 10 years ago doesn’t work today. Most companies focus on more company and product knowledge, but that’s not where the problem lays.

If you’re ready to make huge changes in your sales, then click on the Naples Sales Intensive. It’s happening on July 25th through the 27th in Naples, Florida and we are going to do deep dives into these topics and others:

  • Mindset – we’ll expose and overcome the mental blocks that stop salespeople from taking action. They won’t be talking to you about them; however, there are doubts and fears behind the lack of activity that need to be addressed head on before change will occur.
  • Process – a 9-step sales process will be taught that creates a natural flow from the start (the initial contact) to the end (closing the sale). Every aspect of the training will be tied back to this process to ensure deep understanding.
  • Hidden jewels – along the way we’ll share tips and useful strategies of what to do in various situations, including how to identify the customer personality types so they can adjust their behavior and delivery for more rewarding connections.
  • Stats that motivate – everyone will learn how to calculate their statistics. Knowing their numbers will inspire them to take more action.

Still interested…

The main trainer for this event is Patrick Kowalewski who started his career selling insurance in his home country of Germany. After a 3-year apprenticeship, he was immediately setting new sales records. His employer asked him to train the entire sales staff on what he was doing.

A few years later, Patrick started his own sales training and coaching company and has since conducted over 800 trainings. He loves selling and showing others how they can immediately change their results by implementing his teaching.

Patrick says, “If you are at the top of your industry and have a full bank account, then you don’t need to be at the Naples Sales Intensive. However, if you are struggling or know you could be doing better, then now is the time to demand more and to be more.”

Even though Patrick is fully invested in his sales and training business, he still loves selling insurance. Being a highly sought after trainer in insurance companies across Germany, he knows the statistics of each company and their top salespeople. He said he sells twice as much volume than the top insurance salespeople doing it 20% of his time; however, they are doing the business 100% of their time.

He knows what he is talking about and will share his knowledge in a simple, easy to follow format during the 3-day Sales Intensive.

“Getting sales training from Patrick Kowalewski was the smartest thing I’ve done. I’m seeing a continuous increase in my results. People value my opinion and decisions. Working in sales is so much more satisfying. I continue to be #1 in the company for revenue.”

~Michael Speit, Account Manager

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Even better, there’s an allowable income tax deduction for education expenses (including registration fees, travel, meals and lodging) to maintain and improve professional skills.