Understanding The Creative Power Within You

Last week a client contacted me regarding some problems that she was experiencing in her business. In the ensuing conversation, it came out that she had parallel problems in her personal life. We found as we spoke that she was still carrying grudges, like old battle wounds, from some previous experiences.

My client, similar to many other people, thought that holding anger for someone else would hurt the other person, but in actuality, it was hurting only her. Even if she said that she didn’t want to hurt them, she hadn’t been willing to forgive them based on the thinking that forgiving meant what they did was okay.

I explained to her that we are energy. Our energy is made up of particles, molecules and atoms. Everything that we hold in our energy is then blended into what we think, say and do. It’s impossible for it not to be.

By her holding those ill feelings, she has created various health issues, financial setbacks and relationship problems. It never occurred to her that her feelings were always being woven into whatever she’s doing.

However, she did have some awareness of this because she knows how much better her food tastes when she sends loving thoughts while she is making it. She stated she knows that conversations started in an angry tone usually don’t end well. She could affirm my deductions based on what she said her outcomes were.

Let’s take as an example a mother and baby. If the mother is angry and then feeds her baby, the baby will automatically start fussing. The milk is tainted with the anger. If the mother is sending loving, pleasant thoughts to the baby during the feeding, the baby is happy, peaceful and content.

There are many such experiences that each person can examine to determine what the dominant energy was when viewing the outcomes. When you have this understanding, it’s quite simple to look from the outside to see at the very least if the outcome was created from positive or negative energy.

Let’s take this in another direction. If you and/or your employees are taking actions with any of the following feelings, you will be creating the same to come back to you:

1. Hatred
2. Resentment
3. Guilt
4. Frustration
5. Hopelessness
6. Dissatisfaction
7. Revenge
8. Jealousy
9. Neglect
10. Anger
11. Unlovable
12. Abandoned
13. Unworthy
14. Loss

On the flip side, if actions and decisions are taken with any of these positive feelings, you will experience the same coming back:

1. Goodwill
2. Love
3. Service
4. Appreciation
5. Thankfulness
6. Success
7. Reliable
8. Confidence
9. Optimistic
10. Gratitude
11. Dynamic
12. Tenacious
13. Enthusiastic
14. Winner

Simply said, consciously sow the seeds of what you want people to feel and experience into everything you are doing.