Are you struggling and not sure what to do?

Businesses don’t just fail over night; in reality it happens over time. Unfortunately when experiencing struggles or hard times, many business owners and leaders sit with problems for far too long hoping they will find the solution.

Feeling isolated, alone and not knowing whom to ask for advice only compounds the matter. It’s not uncommon for people to sit with their problems far too long thinking (and hoping) they will get unstuck. But… it’s unlikely you’ll solve the problem with the same thinking that created it.

Getting a different perspective, bouncing ideas off a trusted advisor before implementing, working with someone that is completely focused on your success and getting support all while being held accountable is the fastest way to make a breakthrough.

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Oct 7, 2014

Understanding The Creative Power Within You

Last week a client contacted me regarding some problems that she was experiencing in her business. In the ensuing conversation, it came out that she had parallel problems in her personal life. We found as we spoke that she was still carrying grudges, like old battle wounds, from some previous experiences. My client, similar to […]


I struggled in my holistic practice for 4 years. A key ingredient was missing from my marketing efforts and I didn't know what it was. Susan helped me get clear on my target market, assisted me in putting together my first teleseminar and has been guiding me through the creation of my first teleseminar series, Menopause Serenity Code. I finally have a list of people who are interested in my services and feel more positive about my business and my future. In 90 days I have come closer to growing my business than I have been in the last 4 years. Susan's coaching services are invaluable. I highly recommend Susan Bagyura to business owners who are struggling and want a creative coach with vast experience to help them design a plan and work with them on implementation to grow quickly.

Gabrielle Gottlieb: L.Ac., L.M.T., FLT HCP
Creator and CEO of Menopause Serenity

Susan is a highly capable business manager with an in-depth understanding of the sales and marketing process. She has excellent people skills, total integrity and is the consummate professional in all that she does.

Mark Plant
CEO at Ecodesk

Susan Bagyura is a creative and insightful thought leader regarding her motivational coaching practice. With a career in successful sales management as early background, Susan has invested years of study and professional development to the subject of management excellence. This is a field full of competitive players; however, Susan stands alone as a practical, knowledgeable, no nonsense professional who can deliver understanding and results without the typical bravado. 
Having Susan as a coach and mentor is like having a helpful friend who knows the minds and thoughts of the best business leaders of all time.

Larry McHugh
CEO at Orchard Material Technology